Realism, Islamism and Islam: When Will Difficult Conversations Begin?

Remember! Even mentioning Islam puts the detonator in your hands!

Western leaders cannot expect to defeat terrorism in their countries when they deny and evade acknowledging the roots of the jihadi phenomenon.

After the attacks in Manchester and London, British prime minister Theresa May called for “difficult, and often embarrassing, conversations” about the sources of extremism. In February, I called for soul searching among those who have refrained from speaking frankly about Islamism since 9/11.

So far, that soul-searching and those conversations have not begun, at least not in public.

  • mobuyus

    Ok ok it must have been me with the detonater in my hand.

  • Hard Little Machine

    This is silly. Western leaders haven’t the least interest in this. They are personally insulated from it. They have one objective; keep their jobs. And they’re doing a good job of that. Does anyone who voted for May honestly believe she will do thing one? Are any Democratic voters in the US genuinely concerned for their country for democracy? Are the Never Trumps really upset that now all of a sudden after 30 years of being fake conservatives in thrall to.thw religious right that this president is going to make their self imposed losing streak worse?

    The only thing these people will be leading is the line of evacuees to the helicopter on the roof.