Palestinians confuse movie set for new outpost

h/t marty_p

Israeli children’s TV star ‘Yuval HaMebulbal’ (‘Confused Yuval’) caused an unlikely uproar on Wednesday when the temporary location of his filming set in the West Bank was mistaken for a new Israeli settler outpost by Palestinian media.
Calm was only restored when photos later emerged of the true reason for the “outpost” – the set of a movie featuring ‘Yuval HaMebulbal’, who is famous for being remarkably confused, among both toddlers and parents alike.

The outrage commenced when Palestinian activist Nazmi Salman posted a message on social media stating that a group of Israeli settlers had established a new outpost close to the West Bank city of Ariel. Salman described heavy traffic flow around the site, the pitching of tents and the construction of wooden buildings and electricity lines. Palestinian farmers that approached were ushered away by security.

News of the construction of the “outpost” spread quickly and was even picked up by several major Palestinian news agencies, including popular Palestinian Authority network Ma’an.

On Twitter, Ma’an announced that “Israeli settlers take over Palestinian lands in Salfit, erect illegal outpost.”

The reality was that it was a set-up for a children’s film due for release next summer.