Muslim ‘safe space’ plan sparks row in Australia

A proposal by an Australian Islamic group to allow “safe spaces” for young Muslims to discuss “inflammatory” issues has sparked a row.

The Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) said such forums enabled young people’s opinions to be “respectfully and intelligently debated and challenged”.

But State Premier Daniel Andrews said he was “very troubled” by the idea of a space where people “could be radical”.

Victoria was rocked by a suspected terror attack earlier this week.

So these incredibly fragile Islamists need safe spaces to prevent them going all Muslim and committing mass murder.

How about we just stop importing these psychotic Mohammedans?

  • Dana Garcia

    “Safe space” for choppers = unsafe for the rest of us.

  • Editor

    We demand, we demand, we demand . . . Didn’t you have all these wonderful things in the sharia shithole you came from? Why the fu*k did you move to Australia if you long for the religious and cultural “amenities” you left behind?

    • Halal Bacon

      They want to conquer the world. The members of this murderous pedophile cult want to force us to subject ourselves to them. They’re just taking advantage of the liberal idiocy that infects western nations.

  • tom_billesley

    There’s a safe space for muslims in every airport – the departure lounge.

  • Watchman

    There are already safe spaces in every muslim community – they are called Mosques.

    • Halal Bacon

      Safe spaces for moslems should be known as graves.

  • Halal Bacon

    Prison is a good moslem safe space – a place to keep humanity safe from the murderous vermin known as moslems. A graveyard is a better safe space for moslems.

  • Alex

    Sunni ways my friends, Sunni ways