Muslim leader who attempted to sue Donald Trump for £10million ‘tried to foil police probe into his illegal immigration service’

A Muslim political leader denied tried to foil a police investigation into the illegal immigration services allegedly offered by his law firm.

Kamran Malik, 50, attempted to prevent a witness informing police about corrupt practices at KM Legal Advisory [KMLA] in Forest Gate, east London, it is claimed.

Malik and his secretary wife Humera Kamran 40, were being investigated for allegedly offering unregulated immigration services at the firm between November 2014 and October 2016.

h/t Marvin

  • ntt1

    another example of why third worlders must be kept out of governments .

    • Editor

      Police/security, schools and food preparation also come to mind. At least until thorough vetting and training can insure proper procedures and standards are known, understood and respected.

  • Ottawa Eyes

    Look at all the “settlement services” as nonprofits and charities in Canada who get millions in tax payer money yet encourage illegals to break our laws by coming here.

    But then they get paid based upon how many people they “help”.