If It Walks Like A Terrorist

In television it’s called a “loop,” the replaying of the same scene over and over and over again.

The latest and most assuredly not the final terrorist attack in London last weekend was a “loop” that has become all-too familiar. The jihadists who claimed to be acting on orders from their god, killed at least seven and injured more than 45 others, some critically, with a brazen attack on London Bridge and in a nearby pub.

“Why was he free to kill … jihadist was known to MI5 admit police,” asked a headline in the Daily Mail.

  • Gary

    In music it’s call a ‘ Round ‘ with a special set of repeat bars and dots to go back to the return bars and repeat until the conductor give the cue to continue.
    It’s common for a tune with an Intro where the piece may have someone explain the history or just talk to the crowd for why they might be doing that tune.

    The Loop in the News for jihad and the scripted response is why 8-track died because it just played until to pulled the tape out of shut off the Player.