Dutch reject Austrian request to prosecute Geert Wilders

Dutch prosecutors have rejected an Austrian request to prosecute MP Geert Wilders over alleged inflammatory remarks about Islam during a visit to Vienna two years ago, officials said Wednesday.

The decision comes after Austria requested judicial assistance from the Dutch following a March 2015 speech by Wilders at a gathering of Austria’s far-right Freedom Party (FPOe).

“Insulting a religion or a religious community in the Netherlands, as opposed to Austria, is not punishable by law,” the public prosecutor’s office said, adding that incendiary words would have to target a specific group within that religion.

“Dutch prosecutors therefore turned down Austria’s request,” the prosecutors said.

  • H

    They no longer consider him or the PVV a threat (perhaps unwisely) so they can appear to act magnanimously and fairly. After previously making a mockery of free speech and undertaking a witch hunt of Wilders.

  • Tooth&Claw

    About time some common sense slipped in. Lord help the Dutch, their politicians have sold them out. Lord help we Canadians as well, we elected a little boy in a man’s body.