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Democratic Congressman Drafts Articles Of Impeachment: “The Facts Are Indisputable… This Is Obstruction Of Justice”

Texas Democrat Al Green says he’s readying the paperwork to officially call for President Donald Trump’s impeachment, a notable escalation from three weeks ago, when he first called for the president’s removal on the floor of the House.

The Course Catalogue at Evergreen State College Is Bonkers

Students at Evergreen State College are currently masterminding their own lesson in political unrest. In case you missed it, a student mob attacked and berated a professor, beginning a downward spiralthat has left the school shuttered and security so tenuous that there are roving bands of bat-wielding vigilantes keeping the peace on campus.

‘Kill them All’: Louisiana Congressman Calls for Islamic Extremists to be Hunted Down and Killed like the ‘Heathen Animals’ They Are

Higgins, a former police captain that once declared war on drug dealers in area after releasing a spirited video warning criminals about exactly who they would be up against is should they continue to break the law is at it again, this time calling for the deaths of Islamic extremists.

An American Beauty Brand Just Released A Line Of Nail Polish For Muslim Women

Beauty and fashion brands are increasingly looking for ways to cater to Muslim clientele ― a move that makes sense, since globally, Islam is the fasting growing major religion in the world.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is ‘stealing’ NDP’s ideas again, says Andrea Horwath

Ontario’s Liberals “tend to steal” her party’s ideas, and with one year left until the next provincial election, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says they’re doing it again.

SB 310: Legislative Democrats By Pass Science and Biology—Create a THIRD Gender

California lawmakers voted to pass a bill Wednesday that will add a third gender option – non-binary – on state identification cards.

Senate Bill 179, introduced by Sen. Tori Atkins, will now move onto Assembly after the 26-12 Senate vote. If it passes Assembly, California Gov. Jerry Brown can sign the measure into law, making California the first state to add a third gender option on IDs.

In addition to changing the gender selection on driver’s licenses, the bill would also allow three options for birth certificates, identity cards and gender change court orders.

Solar Update June 2017–the sun is slumping and headed even lower

The F10.7 flux shows that over the last three and a half years the Sun has gone from solar maximum through a bounded decline to the current stage of the trail to minimum. Solar minimum is likely to be still three years away.

Nets Blackout the Radical Leftist History of NSA Leaker Reality Winner

Not long after top-secret documents from the National Security Agency made their way onto the internet news site The Intercept on Monday, the Justice Department arrested NSA contractor Reality Winner. The 25-year-old Air Force veteran worked on a military base in Georgia, but online she had a long history of being heavily anti-Trump, an apparent social justice warrior, and a supporter of Iran over the U.S. During their evening broadcasts, the Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) either played down her political attitudes, or outright ignored them as they reported on what she did.

Idaho Muslim Migrants who raped 5-year-old plead guilty, get no jail time

The injustice began in the proceedings at the Snake River Juvenile Detention Center in Twin Falls when Judge Thomas Borreson of Idaho’s 5th Judicial District ordered the little victim’s parents to say nothing to anyone – ever – about what was said in the courtroom Tuesday, or to disclose the sentence that he gave to the savage attackers. He did allow them to say that they were unhappy with the sentencing, but threatened to jail them for contempt of court if they disclosed why they were unhappy with it.

Ezra Levant calls for Porter Airlines boycott after company ‘blacklists’ The Rebel

Porter Airlines has joined a string of Canadian companies pulling its advertisements from The Rebel, a conservative media website which has carried articles opposing immigration and questioning climate change science.


  • ontario john

    I’m buying my ticket today through Rebel Media for the June 17 meeting at Canada Christian College. Looks like a great lineup of speakers, including Jorden Peterson. And if anyone is interested, our little Prince is on another selfie tour. This time to visit the village where the global G7 elites will gather next year. And media is excited that the Liberals have promised lots of money for the military. Most of it won’t be available until after the next election. So vote Liberal and they promise the money will be spent. Because the Liberals can always be trusted to keep their promises.

  • H

    What’s with Trump’s low approval rating? Are the non-stop attacks from the MSM having an effect? I mean, I know that he hasn’t done everything that he promised to do – to say the least – but he’s not been in office very long. It’s been a mixed bag so far.

    The Wall is the biggie that seems to have been shelved but Obamacare reform or scrapping, and immigration control – these things have been stopped largely by forces outside his control and he can’t really shoulder the blame. On the other hand, the economy seems to be coming to life and he’s pulled America out of the Paris Accord – if he does nothing else as President, that’s an important accomplishment.

    • terrence22

      you REALLY have to see how the poll was made up – a LOT of them include MASSIVELY more DUMBOcRATS then any other group. But, the slime Stream Media will NOT divulge things this.

  • Maxsteele

    Flew with Porter last year and was very impressed. Well, not anymore, they have been “blacklisted” by me and Rona is next. Do these companies not know they have competition in the market place?

    • ontario john

      Only pre approved, censored stories are allowed in the Canadian media.

      • Justin St.Denis

        That is nothing new. The Canadian MSM has always been more government-controlled than other MSM on the continent, with the possible exception of South American socialist regimes.

  • Ho Hum

    It is ironic that Porter is siding with the leftists and turning its back on Canadian customers. The leftists on city council blocked Porter’s attempt to bring (Canadian made) jets (Bombardier) to the Island Airport which would have greatly enhanced Porter’s business and give it a competitive advantage of Air Canada and Westjet. Had Porter succeeded you would have been able to fly non-stop from the Island to the west coast and even the UK. The leftists who fought tooth and nail against Porter will be happy with their decision. I live downtown and used to fly Porter wherever possible – not anymore.

  • Justin St.Denis

    RE the Bradley/Chelsea Manning piece headline, which I had to read twice to understand.

    “Bypass” is a commonly used verb, and is spelled as one word. Just for future reference…

  • Hard Little Machine

    I’d be fine if the Idaho rapists, the prosecutor and the judge were all hunted down and killed. It seems entirely rational at this point to take ‘the law’ such as it is, into our own hands. And yes, maybe even the parents of the rapists too, as an example to the others.

    • Honey/desert/fire ants:

      What is a way to kill these rapists, Alex?

    • Tooth&Claw

      It’s absolutely disgusting. Tacit permission to rape children. Watch, in fiver years, those little excuses for human beings will do it again.

      • simus1

        Well that should keep the angered muslim slaves lid on down at the massive Rent Seekers R Us (school lunch) Yogurt Plant which was the object of the whole coverup. Plus no feminists were put out by this example of “multicultural evenhanded sensitive justice”.

      • Hard Little Machine

        5? 1. At most

  • JPfromtheeast

    Looking through that course list, not really mind blowing being that it is a left coast Liberal Arts school. But I guess that says something all to its own!

  • If someone could explain the “science” of these sexes to me, that would be great.