‘Allah Allah’ – ‘I’m going to kill you all’

Man is held by police in north London after roaming through heavily Jewish area shouting ‘Allah Allah’ and ‘I’m going to kill you all’

‘No one was injured. This is not being treated as terror-related.’

  • vwVwwVwv

    Meanwhile will the Parisripper who killed a 66 year old Jewish teacher
    And grandmother, Stabbing her with a knife before throwing her
    From the window to death, shouting “alla nakbar”,
    Go free, he is mentally ill.

    • He be crazy! Crazy for Allah!

      • vwVwwVwv

        They must amputate the cocoones for to safe him.

  • pettifog

    there is still a “heavily Jewish” areas in London? I figured the Sharia loving mayor would have taken care of that by now.

  • Gary

    It’s not terrorism until they kill…but then the default kicks in that it can’t be terrorism because it’s a muslim and islam is a religion of peace so they CAN’T be a true muslim doing jihad terrorism.

    It’s a Loop for logic where no muslims can ever get charge with terrorism for allah and islam.