All We Need Is Love… And Deportations

In Britain, as in the U.S., when an Islamic terrorist is said to be, “known to law enforcement,” the translation is: “He is being actively ignored by law enforcement.”

After the latest terrorist attack in Britain — at least as of this writing — Prime Minister Theresa May bravely announced, “Enough is enough!”

What is the point of these macho proclamations after every terrorist attack? Nothing will be done to stop the next attack. Political correctness prohibits us from doing anything that might stop it.

Poland doesn’t admit Muslims: It has no terrorism. Japan doesn’t admit Muslims: It has no terrorism. The United Kingdom and the United States used to have very few Muslims: They used to have almost no terrorism.

Deport the friends and families of any violent Muslim, close down the Mosques they attended and kick out the Imams, strip them all of citizenship and show the door to a few thousand for each incident, that ought to get the message across. But ultimately cease enabling terrorism by prohibiting the importation of Muslims and cease allowing Islam to encroach upon society. If we don’t then we will have a Muslim insurgency on our hands just like those oh so sophisticated Europeans do.