The Media Is Now Leaking Classified Info Just Because They Feel Like It

Another media report casually reveals classified national security information, yet offers no compelling rationale for why it was necessary.

This morning, The New York Times brought us another breathtaking exposé of classified national security information that is really important for the public to know because…um, well, because they just kind of felt like it.

The story is about a contractor for an international shipping company who was captured and held hostage by rebels in Yemen before being released last year. Without the man’s permission or cooperation, The New York Times gives details of his capture and imprisonment, his name, his age, his exact job description with the shipping company, and the location where his wife and children lived at the time…

  • Bla Bla

    Trump should have another job ready for Seal Team 6 soon.

    • andycanuck

      Drone strike.

  • Watchman

    “It is not uncommon for the Pentagon or American spy agencies to rely on Americans such as Mr. Darden, 47, a Florida-born Muslim convert who speaks fluent Arabic…”

    Maybe he just hadn’t converted to the right type of islam? Or did some muslim at the NYT feel that he was betraying the worldwide ummah with his work?

  • I think it’s espionage. But a new creative form of espionage, almost guaranteed to cover your tracks.

    Here’s why: Normally when someone is recruited to spy, they have a “handler” who directs the spy in securing the kind of info needed. Contact with the handler is the most dangerous part, because if you get caught then the jigs up and all the players involved are unmasked — most importantly the foreign country behind the spying is unmasked.

    But in the new system of spying/treason you don’t need a handler — you don’t need to be in contact with a foreign enemy. You simply steal the information, and with a cooperative press release it to the general public. Which means it will automatically fall into the hands of the foreign enemy. Your national secrets are now publicly available. In other words you can commit espionage and pass it on to the enemy by never having to contact the enemy, simply by utilizing a cooperative press willing to publish stolen classified information. And you can never be accused of “treason” strictly speaking because you didn’t need the slightest contact with a foreign enemy, nor can you be accused of helping any specific foreign enemy because you gave the info to “everybody” (eg via the Press).

    I think this is what militant Left Dems and others are doing to subvert the U.S. gov.

    • bob e

      good thinking ..