Stop the Cliched Responses to Islamic Terrorism

Last month, following the cowardly and tragic Manchester attacks, a weary and scarred Britain pulled itself together and sent out yet another message of strength and solidarity. So did we, in urging collective caution and honesty in the response. But today, after another pointless act of savagery stained with the hatred of an enemy, it’s time to dispense with some of the tiresome cliches that are a feature of our response. They waste public time, energy and redirect attention. They lead to endless debates on the internet and are driving western society apart. For another, they insult and deride the memory of those who have pointlessly lost their lives. This violence shows no signs of abating, and our response has to be definitive, resolute and must absolutely avoid some of these common disagreements.

  • Spatchcocked

    To our rulers we the people are dispensable rather than them rocking the boat economically.
    They reckon we’ll become accustomed to the constant assaults on our society….

    Which is better than having the markets tank……which of course will cause them untold grief.

    Tommy Robinson got it right last week…….intern every single muzzie who steps out of line…..rewrite the law to enable it…….

  • JoKeR

    To solve this little problem, we need more tea candles, more teddy bears, and mostly more

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Cliches are shorthand for politicians and journalists who don’t have time to think before meeting their deadlines.