Paris boosts police in female ‘no-go zone’, as French feminist decries ‘unquestionable’ regression in status of women

Paris has boosted police numbers in a single of its poorest districts, the place migrants crowd the streets and which has become what a few say is a “no-move zone” for women.

The debate over intended no-go areas for ladies has sharpened as France prepares to hold round considered one of parliamentary elections subsequent weekend.

Elisabeth Badinter, France’s best possible-known contemporary feminist, the writer and historian, said final week there were an “unquestionable” regression in the status of women in France, in particular in bad suburbs with prime numbers of immigrants. “Try going out in a get dressed in positive areas,” she said in an interview with Le Point magazine.

  • James Oswald

    Well…it turns out that Islam has some redeeming qualities. Not the beheading part, but the feminist panty soiling part. Still…we’re going to have to kill them. These things have to happen from time to time. It cleans out the bad blood.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Let the Muslims take care of the feminists first.
      BillyHW is our Cassandra-prophet.

  • Linda1000

    Which dress is correct? Saw the one on the right in Superstore the other day. Looked completely ridiculous.

    • Why did the blanket shop at Claire’s?

      • Linda1000

        She wouldn’t fit into anything. For her daughters, or the maybe one of the teenage wives of her hubby.

        • She can’t wear snazzy earrings.

          Haram and all that.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          Even the sole of her feet are stupid and ugly!

    • Tooth&Claw

      I don’t shop Superstore for that very reason. I have no desire to be a victim/ target from a concealed incendiary device.

      • Linda1000

        That was the first time I’ve seen the full niqab/burka outfit in the store. The question is where can we go anymore because everything is becoming less safe or more dangerous like flying, concerts, subways, shopping malls, grocery stores, parking lots.

      • Exile1981

        The only time I’ve ever had someone try and pick pocket me was at a superstore. I caught the little boy reaching into my pocket and grabbed his wrist. His guardian in a black sack got all in my face for touching her spawn and the cops refused to press charges because of the age mom said he was. The cops also gave me rap for grabbing his wrist.

    • Watchman

      ‘Mystery Shopper’ from Superstore head office

  • The Butterfly

    Who could have predicted this?

    • canminuteman

      At least some of them have realized its a problem.

  • Don’t increase police presence. Remove the no-go zones.

    • Linda1000

      To where – deport? Many of those banlieues in Paris have been there for decades (Algiers, Moroccan who are now citizens) add to that the newer African mix.

  • Bla Bla

    Well nuts, you vote for the perma-political class and get surprised when they cater to those who would do you harm… Stupid does really hurt doesn’t it! Remember, diversity in all it’s forms is a strength! lol

  • Watchman

    When they say ‘boots police numbers’, they probably mean four times as many police in a group patrolling one quarter of their original patrols; the risk to police in smaller groups in these ‘no go zones’ being extremely high.