Not Terrorism just regular London stabbiness: Female nursery worker is stabbed by 3 girls ‘shouting Allah will get you’

A nursery worker was stabbed by three women as they chanted ‘Allah will get you’.

Karrien Stevens, who runs Little Diamonds nursery in Hermon Hill, London confirmed that a member of staff, aged in her 30s, was slashed by three women while on her way to work this morning.

The victim was walking down Wanstead High Street in north London when she was set upon by three girls and knifed, according to her boss.

It is believed that the victim was stabbed from behind as her attackers chanted ‘Allah’, however police are not treating it as a terrorist incident.

  • Editor

    ” just regular London stabbiness ”

    Ha! They should put that in their tourism brochure.

  • Ed

    ‘Allah will get you’.

    If only they’d leave it at that.

  • ontario john

    Muslim children are so cute. I can remember my fond days in a rural Ontario school, when we used to gather together and stab our teacher yelling Jesus will get you.

    • Ed

      Mmmm… yes, but back then they’d stab you right back… of course that was before the “children’s rights” movement made us all soft.

    • jayme

      Yup, just good innocent fun.

  • jayme

    She’s attacked by knife-wielding, black clad girls yelling Allah – but not robbed. What in the world could be the motive? Climate change, perhaps?

    • Ed

      I bet it gets very warm under those sacks, when you’re furiously plunging blades back and forth.

  • huron

    If hey ban white christian women all this would stop (sarc)

  • Mark Matis

    Nothing will change for the better until Western “Law Enforcement” decide they chose the wrong career. Got any way to convince them to make that decision? Besides mine, of course…

  • Hard Little Machine
  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Nothing done by Muslims is terrorism anymore unless it’s done in groups and is a mass casualty situation.
    Feckless, lying Europeans.

  • occupant 9

    Too bad Enoch Powell was so utterly wrong about all the invasion forces of diversity, except he of course wasn’t.

  • RottyLover

    I guess that poor woman that was beheaded in her own garden was just a victim of a neighborhood squabble.

  • It’s like there is a pattern.

  • Bless his heart

    Islam never changes.
    Islam is Islam.
    That’s Islam.