Muslim terror attack in London: Police find body in Thames river

Police searching for French national Xavier Thomas, 45, who has been missing since the London terror attack, have recovered a body from the Thames.

Scotland Yard said the body was recovered from the river near Limehouse on Tuesday at 19:44 BST.

Mr Thomas’s next of kin have been told, police said, but formal identification has not yet taken place.

The BBC also understands Sara Zelenak, a 21-year-old Australian from Brisbane, is among the dead.

  • The Butterfly

    Boy it’s a good thing the UK bans entry to Michael Savage and Robert Spencer, just think of what might have happened if they were allowed to visit.

    • Hell on Earth!

    • Editor

      Their exclusion speaks volumes in and of itself and it’s probably safer for them anyway. Europe has had the truth about islam repeatedly slap them in the face in recent months and still refuses to acknowledge it, let alone act upon it. Savage, Spencer et al. might as well save their breath, truth is not permitted in Europe.

    • WalterBannon

      the horror

  • John Boy

    Is this news?

    I thought the French had a fetish for allowing their own people to be sacrificed by muzzies to their moon “god”?

  • WalterBannon

    His first mistake was taking a vacation in Britain

    His second mistake was going to London

    His third mistake was voting for macron

  • Terrible.