London attacker let into UK despite saying he was ‘going to be a terrorist’ as questions grow over lapses

Youseff Zaghba was placed on an international ‘watchlist’ of suspected foreign fighters after the Italian police caught him trying to travel to Syria last year.

The Italians claim both MI6 and MI5 were informed of the fears surrounding Zaghba, who told police he was “going to be a terrorist” when he was stopped at Bologna airport.

  • Editor

    “Lapses” imply unintended errors. This was a willful omission motivated by equal parts of political correctness and institutional IDGAF.

  • Brett_McS

    The Czechs have joined Poland, Hungary et al in refusing migrants invaders.

  • Ed

    “,,,was allowed to enter the UK despite Britain’s intelligence agencies being told he wanted “to be a terrorist”.

    The “root cause” crowd saw right through that simple ruse…

  • Regular incompetence.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    So the choice of British voters tomorrow is between an incompetent and a crypto-jihadist. Makes me even happier we elected Trump here in the states.