China: Angry zoo investors feed live donkey to tigers

Visitors to a Chinese zoo got ringside seats to a shocking live feeding after a group of investors tossed a live donkey into a tiger pit.

Apparent videos of the incident, which took place Monday at a wild animal park in the eastern province of Jiangsu, provoked an outraged response on social media, with many questioning how the men could engage in such an inhumane act.

In response, the zoo issued a statement on its official Weibo social media account Monday, saying that the incident resulted from a court case with another company, which had enraged investors.

The dispute, which has gone on for two years, has made it difficult for the company to carry on its regular business, the statement said.

The investors, it added, have not seen any profit in two years, making them very “dissatisfied.”

So dissatisfied that they snatched a “donkey and a sheep” to feed to the tigers.