Why Bruce Bawer refuses to lie about Islam

From Bruce Bawer at PJ Media,

Quick answer: It’s a matter of living with the truth. For some of us, that’s important. People who have lived under totalitarian regimes but who now enjoy freedom understand this in a way that suburban American twenty-somethings may not. No, none of us can ever know the whole truth about any subject. But if we live in a free country, we are free to inquire, to study, to struggle for knowledge of the truth, and that is a freedom to be cherished.

Equally precious is our right to articulate the truth and act responsibly upon it. There are whole lives based on lies, whole marriages based on lies, and whole societies based on lies. To study Communist history is to see what kind of society takes shape when people feel compelled to assent to the truth of a proposition that they know to be false. I’ve just begun reading Orlando Figes’s 2007 book The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin’s Russia, described on its back cover as “the story of ordinary people in Stalin’s Russia, a world where everyone was afraid to talk and a society spoke in whispers.” A society, in short, of necessary lies and forbidden truths. More.

Reality check: We are already far down the path if our politicians feel that they can inform us that a mass murderer does not really represent the religious tradition he claims he does. And we are supposed to just accept that and strew flowers and teddy bears at the scene of tragedies. And never, never to ask, what evidence is there that he doesn’t represent that tradition? Is he almost universally reviled among Muslims?

If you know people who find the “necessary lies and forbidden truths” acceptable, stop knowing them – or at best know them distantly. (I speak to people who, like me, hate confrontations with Virtuous (but deadly) Signallers, people who would sacrifice their own children for their public Correctness. And yet I want to live.

Make a point of not offering flowers and teddy bears, just short, sharp condolences. There will be plenty more victims, the way we are going.

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