The man MI5 didn’t think was dangerous: Killer used gym to radicalise youngsters, worked out with a terror suspect on the FBI watch list and was reported to the security services LAST SUMMER

The London Bridge massacre mastermind was a member of an all-Muslim gym run by a terror suspect on a FBI watchlist and tried to radicalise young people he worked out with, it was revealed today.

Khuram Butt, 27, worked at Ummah Fitness in Ilford with Sajeel Shahid, 41, a member of Anjem Choudary’s al-Muhajiroun network who was accused of helping train the 7/7 bomb ringleader.

Yet Butt was deemed a ‘low priority’ by police and MI5 despite his links to Choudhury, Europe’s most notorious hate preacher.

  • Gary In 2001 the media reported how Jean Chretien had a photo-op in the mosque on around Sept 15 2001 to assure muslims that the 24 Candians slaughtered by 19 muslims had NOTHING to do with islam . Except that the FBI made an ID of a wanted King Pin for global terrorism by muslims but he fled the Middle east and the FBI was watching for him in the USA.

    In 2014-15, Justin toured the homophobic jew-hating Saudi funded mosques that condone wife beating, pedophilia and want Whahhabi type sharia in Canada . In 1995 there were documents found by an FBI raid to an islamic org that revealed that the saudi’s wanted to get Sharia in Canada first as a springboard to push into in the USA once Canada is an islamic state.
    It’s 22 years later and Liberals in Canada think there is no motive behind Jihad attacks or the core group of muslims wanting more Mosques in public schools and the Sharia blasphemy laws via M-103.
    Muslms in Canada and the USA are the minority where the 95%+ live in the 56 OIC’s and have the luxury of telling us it’s a religion of Peace because they aren’t the majority of Canada’s population where the Quran orders them to do offensive Jihad to claim it for allah and the Global caliphate.

    The Toronto-18 Muslims were born here and of pakistani background except for 1 that was a convert from a Hindu family. The master mind tha twas the older muslim from the Mississauga Mosque ( in the Erin Mills Liberal MP seat) wanted to punish Chretien for sending our Troops to his homeland of Afghanistan which were killing his brothers in the Taliban.
    He was a “refugee” FROM Afghanistan that were rescued and then he thanks us by his plot to use Truck-bombs to slaughter over 5000+ people in Toronto’s downtown area during lunch .

    Justin’s Pakistani MP wants to bring her 10th century Sharia to Canada from the hell-hole she crawled out from and came her. Last year i found out the about 50% of Justin’s Muslim MP’s refused to march in the PRIDE parade with him ….why? , because it’s 2015 and Diversity is out strength to tolerate Barbarism and death-cults.

    One day Justin will be Jailed and tried for Crimes against Humanity .

  • Clink9

    This is great. Piers Morgan of all people rips the mayor of London a new asshole:

  • Martin B

    I wonder what the “high priority” jihadis are up to. Oh well I’m sure we’ll find out any day now.

  • Tooth&Claw

    If the Powers that be think they can continue to ignore this, others will be taking the choice to act out of their hands. The jails are full.

  • simus1

    Look on the bright side.
    As the innocents slaughter count by muslim fanatics rises everywhere, the Saudi/Gulf bribes to our vote whores to do nothing must get more generous and go up as well.

  • Millie_Woods

    Two mass murders in 2 weeks, both committed by people known to security officials and nobody has resigned or been fired. I doubt there’s a single authority figure in the UK with a sense of honour anymore. Better that children lose their lives than a fat-assed bureaucrat lose their job in today’s Britain.