The Harder Side of Sears

The retail giant, currently in the throes of a death spiral, is flogging a line of intifada wear for Israel-loathers.

h/t Marvin

  • marty_p

    Sears seem to be supporting both sides in the conflict:
    Their K-Mart division has schlocky Israel art:

    They also sell Sodastream products both at Sears and for 3rd parties via their web portal:

    • mobuyus

      All that sitting on the fence will get them is the fence post entering their soul.

  • Ego

    May I recommend another print, it goes well with their clientele that finds the Palestine print hot:

  • Frances

    There are a lot of hijabis working at our local Sears; no niqabis yet, but am expecting them any day now.

  • Dana Garcia

    Wow, what a fall from responsible retail — I really miss the Sears store in Oakland where I got my glasses and bought a lot of paint and Craftsman tools.

  • Clink9

    I figured they were a walking corpse when they destroyed the interior of their long standing Oshawa Centre store and put up big “WTS” signs on the outside. ( What The Sears? )

    I wasn’t gong to piss on their grave but this Pally thing changes my mind.

  • simus1

    Must be at least a decade since I bought anything at Sears. I was tasked with getting some underwear of a specific rare brand and size prized by an invalid relative with alzheimer’s . The clerk was Eurotrash and nasty but eventually bestirred herself enough to go dig out the product from the storeroom. It was a very unpleasant event unlike their continued closings, which I do enjoy hearing about.