MSNBC’s Richard Lui Worries About Police ‘Overreacting’ After London Terror Attacks

MSNBC’s Richard Lui appears to be testing the limits of irresponsible media coverage of terrorist incidents. Up until now, the press has fretted in the aftermath of such attacks about possible retaliations or “backlash” against Muslims or others not involved in them, even though such misguided revenge-seeking has rarely occurred. Saturday evening, Lui worried about police “overreacting” shortly after terror attacks in London which, as of the time of this post, had taken the lives of seven innocents and injured 48 others, including 21 critically.

  • tom_billesley

    After 9/11 the Metropolitan Police reviewed tactics for dealing with suicide bombers. A delegation visited Israel, Russia and Sri Lanka. Key findings were that shooting “centre mass” or using a taser could detonate a suicide vest and a suicide bomber could detonate immediately they suspected that they had been identified. The result of the study is a set of tactics known as “Operation Kratos”. Included is the tactic to go for immediate incapacitation of a suspected suicide bomber by multiple head shots.