London Bridge attack: Sadiq Khan calls for Donald Trump state visit to be cancelled

Sadiq Khan has called for Donald Trump’s state visit to Britain to be cancelled after the US President once more lashed out at the Mayor of London over last weekend’s terror attack.

  • xavier

    Nope. The state visit should go ahead. If Khan want to delude himself how London is a safe city go ahead. I really hope Trump blasts Khan and the elites while the deplorables give him the thumbs up

    • Kahn is flogging the globalist fiction of unity and common values. He puts more law enforcement on the street and pointedly ignores the root cause. Didn’t we already hear that other Muslims had tried to turn these guys in to authorities and were ignored? He has some nerve trying to tell people he is in charge and all will be well while the blood on the streets of his city is not even dry yet. Don’t look for the killing to stop anytime soon in a city governed by the likes of this. Its particularly rich that he wants Trump kept out of the country. Isn’t that just like the Euro-progressive fools that got Britain into this fix to begin with?

  • canminuteman

    Khan is a muslim. AS such I don’t trust him. He’s probably cheering for ISIS.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Last time I looked at Sadiq Khan’s face, I swear it was behind bars in a zoo.

  • Ed

    “Mr Khan said the UK should not roll out the red carpet” for someone whose policies “go against everything we stand for”.

    Who’s WE?

    • Sekigahara

      The Umma

    • Good point! I’m guessing that’s the same we that Barak the O was talking about when he said “That’s not who we are” It is a fictional “global community” that they are trying to convince the west to adopt as our supra-national identity. The will allow those of us not in the elite to suffer any number of deaths and any degree of economic hardship in order to bring this new world order to reality. Thank god president Trump is calling them out- even if he is extemporaneous and inelegant in his wording.

  • Hard Little Machine

    At the least bar Khan from entering the US for life and confiscate any assets of his in the US

    • mobuyus

      The only assets he may have in the US would be a couple of kebab shops maybe a pressure cooker bomb factory and a couple of strip mall mosks.

  • favill

    Imagine if Londoners had voted in a Nazi sympathizer as the Mayor of London during the Blitzkrieg. Our grandparent/great-grandparents were a heck of a lot smarter than us…and most of them only had a grade 8 education….Kind of puts that whole post-secondary education that we’ve rushed western society into question doesn’t it?

  • mobuyus

    Good grief he looks like some sort of gibbon or a drunken ring tailed lemmur.

    • Exile1981

      King Julian?

  • El Martyachi

    Yeah Sadiq that’s gonna work. Trump’s totally gonna wilt in the face of such righteous puffery.

  • Dana Garcia

    Why would President Trump waste his time by visiting Britain? They don’t have enough self-respect to arm their police.

  • John

    Khan brings his cosmopolitan blend of Bangladeshi village politics to ‘primitive’ London.

  • WalterBannon

    Sadiq Khan Calls For Infidel Visit To Be Cancelled

    Allah Akbar

  • dukestreet

    I was in Fiji during the 2nd of 2 military coups. As I understand it, from the people living there, the coup was the result of the Indian population (brought over by the Brits as servants) reaching 50% and insisting that the constitution be changed so that all land became “free land” which anyone could buy.

    All but 20% of the land is owned by the native population. ( 12% is available for sale, 8% is crown land in perpetuity.) They still live in tribes with chiefs as they have for eons. The business people(Indians), rent the land that their businesses are on, from the chiefs. They pay their rent twice yearly to the chiefs,who distribute it to their people as needed and decided. This allows the native people to live off the land and pay cash for what they need,to the Indian business owners.

    Without this system, the natives would have to change their lives and would be at the bottom of society with no access to income.

    When the Indian PM decided to change the constitution,it started a coup, where the native Fijians burned down buildings in the capital of Suva. The government withdrew the change of the constitution. all went back to normal.

    I can see this happening in Britain before long,but, it will be much bloodier and the Brits definitely have cause for it. Then all the west will have to follow suit. Our survival will depend on our willingness to fight for our culture & rights. When governments fail to protect their people and the people’s backs end up against the wall, the choice is taken out of our hands.