Former U.S. embassy across from Parliament, vacant for 20 years, to become Indigenous centre

Government officials will make a formal announcement about the building later in June and launch consultations with Indigenous communities to help decide on a specific purpose​.

  • mobuyus

    I’d like to say “well there goes the neighbourhood” but look across the street and see what’s moved in.

  • Ah, more money wasted.

    • Linda1000

      Given that the building was empty, the better choice would have been to make it a showcase for the best of things from all the provinces and territories. I don’t think this helps the native Canadians much.

      • How dare one showcase Canada when one can appeal to vain, wasteful special-interest groups?!

        This is Canada, dammit! For sale to the highest bidder and ready to bend over at a moment’s notice!

    • This oughta be interesting. I wonder how many listening devices the CIA can still activate buried in the walls of that building?

  • Linda1000

    Nothing to do with this story but here’s more background on why the Gulf statelets are beating up on Qatar. Chaos in Doha now. Good pictures at DM.

    • ALL of these states sponsor terrorism.

      This is smoke and mirrors.

      • Linda1000

        True, but I thought the $1 billion ransom payout to Al Qaeda from Qatar was kind of high.

  • ontario john

    So I guess we can expect rusty cars on the front lawn and a large smoke shack sign over the door. I would imagine there will be a demand for six million dollars to renovate it.

    • reidjr

      Six million that is cute try more around $100-200 million.

  • ontario john

    And in further news from the idiots in Ottawa, the new foreign policy was announced today, from nazi descendant Freeland. It consists of killing unborn babies around the world, global warming scams, and more cooperation with the UN.

  • simus1

    First Nations Senate ?
    EU Embassy ?
    Conversion to convenient mosque (with Saudi $$$$$$) wherein Shiny Pony could fight the good fight with nonstop anti islamophobia sermonizing ?

    The possibilities seem endless

  • Roman

    Glad to hear we have solved native housing crisis, drug and alcohol issues, missing and murdered women, potable water etc. etc .etc and have money left over to spend on this latest helps no one project, except maybe a few liberal contractors.

  • Minicapt

    … cultural miss-appropriation …