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Trudeau: Canada ‘all in’ on fighting climate change, regardless of what Trump does

“Canada will not back down from our commitment to fight climate change. And we are not alone,” Trudeau said during a short press conference in Niagara-on-the-Lake late Monday morning.

“Around the world, nearly every country is on our side. Business is on our side. Science is on our side. And together our efforts will make a difference.”

Canada’s New Law Lets Government Take Children Away If Parents Don’t Accept Their Gender Identity

A Canadian province has passed a law that gives rights to the government to take away children from families that don’t accept their kid’s chosen “gender identity” or “gender expression”.

NSA contractor accused of leaking top secret report on Russian hacking efforts

Reality Leigh Winner, 25, appeared in U.S. District Court in Augusta, Ga., to face one charge of removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet, the Justice Department said Monday.

NSA Leaker Is A Bernie Supporter Who ‘Resists’ Trump

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Muslim MP calls for government to ban Christian symbols after burka outlawed in Austria

Austria’s coalition government announced the ban on the burka and niqab in public spaces such as courts and schools on Monday in a bid to counter the rise of the far-right Freedom Party, whose candidate nearly won last month’s presidential vote.

The ruling Social Democratic party (SPÖ) and the centre-right Austrian People’s party (ÖVP) is also considering a more general ban on civil servants wearing religious symbols.

Austrian School Teacher Faces Charges After Telling Students Mohammed Was a Child Molester

A secondary school teacher in Austria is facing legal action after she told her students that Mohammed, the founding prophet of Islam, was a child molester. The statement was made presumably in reference to Islamic holy texts, such as the Hadith, which contains first-hand accounts of the life and work of Mohammad, who took young girls as his wives.

SECURE OUR NATION: Canada Must Get Tough On Islamist Extremism

Across our country, people are reacting to the news that a Canadian citizen was killed in the horrific terror attack in London.

The attack occurred less than two weeks after the horrific slaughter of over 20 people – many of them children – at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

The pace of terror attacks continues to increase in both Europe, and around the world.

‘Crowds On Demand’ Provides Clients With Fake Protesters

If you’re looking to stage a march or rally and need fake protesters to legitimize your cause, a company now exists solely to provide you with as many actors as you require.

Run, Hide and Deny in London

Islamic terrorism has no religion even when it’s shouting, “This is for Islam.”

Oregon’s New “Transgender Equity” Law Will Let Criminals Hide in Plain Sight

If there’s nothing embarrassing about transitioning, then why put the public at risk?

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Justin Trudeau On Live With Kelly And Ryan: A Woman PM Would Be ‘Very Special’

The interview started with some questions on Trudeau’s Instagram snaps — something Canadian audiences are already more than familiar with (he likes to take off his shirt on vacation, he wears interesting socks, you get the picture.) The conversation later delved into his dual life as a dad and politician.