As Jihadist Threat Increased, UK Government Cut 20,000 Police Jobs.

As I said just yesterday, our leaders need to get tough on terrorism. As much as they claim to be taking it seriously, their actions show otherwise.

We’ve seen that here in Canada, where Justin Trudeau refuses to even say the term “Islamist terrorism,” and has refused to strengthen our defences against the terror threat.

And yet, even in the United Kingdom, the government there has failed miserably in defending their people.

  • huron


  • Exile1981

    20k cops cut and 23k jihadis known to be in country and plotting attacks.

    • mobuyus

      What could go wrong?

    • Martin B

      I wonder how many of those jihadis were hired as cops.

      • Exile1981

        Or how many Jihadi cops where allowed to keep their jobs in the name of diversity.

  • Ed

    Wouldn’t need these cops if “border” meant anything.

  • A hammer attack at Notre Dame, France. Terrorist shot dead. (Fox)

  • tom_billesley

    Justin won’t dare say “islamist terror” in case he has a slip of the tongue and says “islamic terror”.
    Jihadi attackers are uncooperative and are never heard to shout “this is for islamism”.

  • The__Hammer

    The UK has surrendered to terrorism. The police did not bother to investigate tips from other Muslims about these guys. They did not even investigate when Italian intelligence told them this:

  • Hard Little Machine

    The UK needs to end its nuclear missiles and subs and use that 50 billion pounds to fight jihadism.

  • Justin St.Denis

    In Britain, most “police” expected their careers to involve little more than finger-wagging, bullying people and speaking in a stern tone of voice. Hence, this reduction will make little difference in the actual level of security enjoyed by most Britons. We make jokes about “police intelligence” here in America, but in Britain the joke is very REAL and imperils the public.

  • How could this go wrong?