Whitesplaining white privilege!

‘A Gathering Of The Pious’

  • Gary

    I had commented in the past about how the new immigrants or refugees are being exploited in my area to hate the USA and the West. In late July I would see the Utility poles have poster put up that condemn the Bombs dropped on Japan in 1945 that killed civilians. I also caught the local “refugee” welcoming Centre that had a Staff member talking to their refugees at the Coffee shop and said that the USA was an Oppressor and even when Americans oppose WW2… and then went on to say that the Jews caused WW2 .

    The hypocrisy for the leftists and Liberals is that we currently have a Valid threat for fascism and oppression where terrorism has had over 30,000 attacks since 9/11/01 from the same core group of people. But they won’t condemn it because it’s a religion with a holy book that orders its follows to hate the West and kill the current 6,000,000,000 non-followers on Earth.
    I almost respected Bill Maher as a true Liberal but I saw through his ruse where he attacked islam equally as other faiths but then was selective for defending the Rights of Women and Blacks If they were fellow Liberals or democrats.
    He smeared women as idiots and sluts if the were Republicans or supported a Republican Prez even if they were Black . Yet he too gives Hillary a pass no matter how high the pile of evidence gets for her corruptions and the hubby’s rapes.

    We now have Trudeau that doesn’t believe that there is evil on Earth where he just told the World’s poor that Canada welcomes them since Diversity is our strength. Any one of the 7,000,000,000 people outside of Canada can now enter the USA illegally and head North to cross our unprotected areas of the 49th Latitude or at the Vermont border to make a “refugee” claim .

  • bargogx1

    Which just goes to show that most modern racism is caused by leftists.