Washington Post covers up left-wing violence in Portland

After the election of a president it hates, the Washington Post adopted as a slogan “democracy dies in darkness.” But “darkness” isn’t a problem in our society. With the media explosion of the past few decades and the constant glare of the news cycle, the problem, if any, is confusion. The danger is being blinded by the lights.

  • Bernie

    Left wing are not democratic and support tyrants. Republicans were elected under a Democratic System and are the only Legal representatives that can form a Government. Those who oppose the election results are trying to undermine and destroy the United States. The left wing perpetrators need to be exposed and dealt with if their actions are criminal.

  • Watchman

    More information on the stabbing on a Portland train by a white guy, Jeremy Joseph Christian, that killed two samaritans and was attributed to Christian’s Trump-inspired islamophobia”

    Except that Christian was a Bernie Sanders supporter.

    Other gems from this blog entry: “The train operator made an announcement ordering the person [Christian] causing a disturbance to exit at the next stop and threatened to call the police.” When seconds count the police are only a threatened response away.

    Multnomah County District Attorney Rod Underhill’s “decision to stop prosecuting fare jumpers, who ride the MAX commuter train without paying”, possibly because certain minorities were disproportionately being prosecuted.

  • Gary

    They wear masks so their unwed Mother won’t see that she was a failure as a parent and raised a violent POS misogynist that beats up women and the elderly.

    Liberals told teens that you don’t need a man in your life and you can be an unwed mother because the State will be the daddy and raise your child to pay for Housing and Heath care.
    The blacks that rioted in Toronto in 1992 were the children of the caribbean women that poured into canada in the 1970’s and started to fill up welfare housing to spread their legs for any pig they could drag home.
    Having 4 kids from 3 different men wasn’t a bad thing in their culture as well as no Father in the house. Don’t buy the BS from Liberals that racism and poverty caused the riot. Low IQ morons usually produce low IQ moron children that fail in school while the teen girl become unwed mothers just like Mom .