Students Get Harvard Offer Rescinded Over Facebook Posts

Harvard University

Students in the group allegedly posted and shared messages joking about the Holocaust, mocking sexual assault and the abuse of children. The messages also allegedly targeted racial and ethnic groups, according to the Crimson. One alleged meme called the imaginary hanging of a Mexican child “piñata time.”

  • Watchman

    Off topic: possible Ramadan jihad attack in Melbourne, Australia:

    One innocent man dead, three police shot, gunman dead.

  • BillyHW

    If he had posted about a Trump pinata they’d have given him a scholarship.

  • Gary

    No big loss because Mayor David Miller got his business degree their and said we got a deal by paying $34,000,000.00 to not build an $18 million bridge to the island Airport.
    We now have a tunnel to the island while Miller is now part of the Global warming fraud to get rich spread fear about how the earth will burn up in 25 years because humans are about 0.01 % of the co2 output on earth while the Sun has NOTHING to do with climate.

  • Wow, people can be such sh–s.

  • xavier

    This the Kathy Gifford syndrome. The left is such a cesspit of racism and lack of self awareness. They presume they’re immune from any scrutiny other than bootlicking fawning of being light bringers Basically they want the Obama treatment

  • Alain

    Why are they turning away a registered Democrat?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Why stop there. Demand Harvard withdraw all degrees of anyone who’s ever said anything that Harvard doesn’t like.