Pamela Geller: Post-Terror Dawah

You can set your watch to it. In the wake of very jihad terror attack, no matter how heinous and horrifying, in come the washerwomen with buckets of dirty water working double time to scrub and censor the motive from the attack. Once the stage is sufficiently washed and prepped, in march the jihadis in the information battle-space, silver-tongued snakes selling Islam-is-peace snake oil to an over-eager media audience braying for more.

  • mobuyus

    Fake news. I saw cnn staging this impropmtu demonstration.

    • seaoh
      • The Butterfly

        Very fake news.

      • Gary

        Meanwhile those women would slit your throat on a bus in a heartbeat.

    • kkruger71

      Doesn’t matter. Watched the comment threads on a couple copies of the video on Facebook and they were filled with “It doesn’t matter if they moved them to get them all in the shot” type comments.

      • mobuyus

        Those making such comments need their fake news like a junkie needs his fix.

  • Clink9

    Don’t eat that Elmer, it smells bad.

  • Gary

    Gotta luv it. ISIS wants women in Niqabs or hijabs and yet these Hijab clad women hold up posters that ISIS will lose.
    ISIS has already won them over to follow the 7th century barbarism and taqiyyah.