Melbourne Siege

A trembling woman could be heard on the line when 7 News Melbourne chief of staff Nicole Bland answered the call at 5.41pm.

“I heard a woman on there, clearly very distressed, she was speaking very quickly,” Ms Bland told 7 News Online.

“I was almost in the process of hanging up, I just couldn’t understand her.

“Then a man’s voice came on and he said ‘this is the Brighton hostage’.”

At this point, Ms Bland thought the call might have been coming from a witness before the man announced his allegiance to the terrorist group.

“This is for IS, this is for Al-Qaeda,” Ms Bland recalled.

“She (the hostage) was distressed, screaming or yelling something in the background.

“I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing so I asked him to repeat what he said.”

“I asked for more information, where are you, who are you, what can you see?”

After repeating the line the man, now confirmed as Somali national Yacqub Khayre, ended the call.