ISIS thugs in the Philippines film sacrilegious rampage as they smash statues, tear up pictures of the Pope then TORCH a Catholic Church in Marawi

The jihadis topple a crucifix in a Catholic church in the Philippine city of Marawi

ISIS militants have gone a sacrilegious rampage, smashing statues and setting fire to a church building  in footage purportedly filmed in a besieged city in the southern Philippines.

The jihadis gleefully topple crucifixes, stamp on posters of Pope Francis and destroy effigies in the church, believed to be located in the city of Marawi, southern Philippines.

The video was first published by ISIS’s Amaq News Agency.

  • The Butterfly

    Stamping on Posters of Pope Francis? Now I’m conflicted…

  • Islamists are such dopes. They seem to attach some sort of “magical power” to Christian symbols, whereby destroying these symbols somehow destroys or hurts Christianity. But to Christians these are nothing more than symbols — a crucifix is simply a piece of wood. It has no spiritual power in and of itself and can easily be replaced by nailing together a couple of two-by-fours. Ironically, militant atheists in the West have the same irrational fear of Christian symbols and they remove them from public view at every opportunity. They gotta get rid of the “boogeyman”.

    There’s a big difference between spirituality and superstition.

    • Each of these sacramentals is an important sign from God.

      We just don’t get stabby over it.

      In conclusion, arm Filipinos.

      • That’s why Duterte and Obama hated each other — Duterte promised to crush the Islamists, who have been like a festering puss-head on the Filipino butt for many years. The tension between Obama and the Filipinos reached the point where they publicly insulted Obama and became quite anti-American in their foreign policy. I hope the Trump administration can heal that rift, and offer Duterte all the support he needs to defeat the Islamists.

        • Duterte is nuts. Obama is just a rancid sack of pus.

          Only one is actually determined to end the Islamist menace.

  • favill

    Come on you Filipino pussies…they bow to their god every Friday night (and five times a day)…find them and kill them when they’re doing that. You can reinstate that “turn the other cheek” crap when you’ve run the Moros out of the Philippines forever.

  • Maggat

    The Philippines have leader that is prepared to LEAD and stamp out the poison that is trying to kill his country., Good on him.

  • Gary

    Muslims do this because the quran is based on their god living inside the pages of it and that he lives inside the stones and cement for the Mosques .
    That’s why they wash their feet or take off their shoes instead of washing their hearts and taking off the Blinders to see the reality that they are trapped in a death cult wanting Global Domination once they kill all of the current 6 billion non-muslims.

    Jesus was a prophet and predicted this because he knew a false-prophet would come in the future to fool the ignorant masses and promise peace. But this prophet would only bring pain and suffering as well as wars where brothers turn against brothers .
    The other prophecy was that the followers of the false prophet would one day kill you while thinking they are doing a favour to their god. Thanks to the high-tech satellites and HD video phones in real-time. islam is being exposed for what it is even if the sheltered “moderates” are in denial over the core tenets set out by the person that invented islam.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Christ said, ” If you deny me, I will deny you before my Father”.