If you love your kid, don’t choose Katy Perry

From Jennifer Van Laar at Townhall,

During Ariana Grande’s “One Love Manchester” benefit concert, Katy Perry offered her [Choose Love] advice to the grieving people.

“I encourage you to choose love, even when it’s difficult. Let no one take that away from you.”

Katy, are you saying the people of Manchester didn’t choose love before? It didn’t conquer the hate of the savage who blew himself up at Ariana’s concert, maiming and killing children. It didn’t conquer the hate of the beasts who rammed into a crowd and then stabbed people and slit throats less than 24 hours ago in London. More.

Reality check: True love is inseparable from reality-based thinking. Paying any further attention to people like Katie Perry is bad for  longevity.

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