High Line to Shake Shack

Sunday we walked the High Line. To paraphrase Mark Twain – a good walk ruined by the litter of left wing crap-art.

The High Line was an elevated railway that once served Manhattan’s industries. After falling into disuse it was reborn as an elevated public walkway that wends its way through the city’s re-purposed factories and warehouses. It really is a pleasant walk and Sunday morning was just a beautiful time to take it in.

Yup people do complain of having their privacy invaded.

This is some of the crap-art that litters the way, all of it colonialism this and colonialism that and look at me I’m a victim of the fascist patriarchy even though that same patriarchy bought my crappy art!

Here’s the explanation for the above bad art.

And it just wouldn’t be New York without an anti-Trump billboard, visible from the High Line.

After the High Line we stopped in at the Chelsea Market where I paid a buck each for 6 Tiny Tom sized donuts, don’t get me wrong they were good, but like the market itself way oversold. K has written more about it on her FB page.

From there we meandered over to the Hummus Place and enjoyed an excellent meal featuring Shakshuka, I highly recommend it. Boy that K is a Trencherman!

Dessert? Big Gay Ice Cream! (Yea it was good)

This morning we walked some of Central Park and stopped in at the famous Lexington Candy Store Luncheonette for a sammy. Was great! That’s a collection of special event coke bottles etc in the window. The diner was last renovated in 1948 and they’re quite proud of that.

We just window shopped the rest of the day away as we strolled down Lexington. Eventually ending up at Madison Park for dinner. The Shake Shack does make a great shake. Good thing we’ve walked a lot on this trip.

That’s K’s enuff with the camera I’m eating look (above). I enjoy Madison Park, it’s a pleasant oasis in the city, that is the Empire State Building in the background, clouds were rolling in.