Evergreen State Students Claim Police Targeting ‘Black, Disabled, Trans Students’

Evergreen State College in Washington state isn’t the most prestigious university, but it’s really trying to make itself relevant by being just as petulant as their Ivy League brethren.

What next?

Well that certainly didn’t take long!

‘New External Threat’ Cancels Classes Again At Evergreen State College

All classes during the day and evening are effectively canceled under “suspended operations,” the statement said. Staff will be present to provide services and ensure safety, and law enforcement will remain active at all hours, it added.

I wonder if they’ll go for a hat trick.

  • Gary

    Wow…looks like muslims and women got pushed out as part of the “flavours of the month” .

  • CodexCoder

    Solve the problem – expel and blacklist the offending students.