Dems tire of consoling Clinton for her loss

While dodging the whirling blades of blame. At Townhall, Mike Vespa interprets:

Maybe ignoring white working class voters in the Rust Belt was a bad idea. Maybe not having an economic message and being focused on everything BUT job creation was a bad idea. Maybe ignoring Bill Clinton’s advice about reaching out to the white working class, who number in the tens of millions, was a bad idea. All of this leads to a large slice of Obama voters, who flipped for Trump, thinking that the Hillary agenda favored the wealthy, along with not being able to stand her. It wasn’t the data, Hillary. It was you. Again, your loss boils down to you. More.

Reality check: But no genuine post-modern progressive can accept that it ever was or ever could have been her fault. She is wronged, and therefore entitled.

See also: Griffin had vowed to go for Barron Trump in December 2016  She is entitled to beat up on a kid.