Christine Archibald identified as Canadian killed in London attack

A Canadian woman killed in the terror attack in the United Kingdom that left seven people dead was remembered Sunday as someone who had a big heart and respected everyone.

Christine Archibald: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • mobuyus

    Her parents say” she would have no understanding of the cassual cruelty that caused her death”. BCF JW TROP must be required study material in all Canadian social studies programs so that when snowflakes are being killed by islam they will at least understand why it is they are being killed. Those at the top of the class will avoid being killed by islamic terrorists, armed aforehand with vital knowledge of islam gleaned from these impeccable sources.

  • DJ

    Instead of jetsetting to Davos to figure out how to surrender Canada’s sovereignty via schemes such as the Paris Climate Treaty our “leaders” should be meeting with other leaders to figure out how to quash the rot that led to this tragedy. I know that’s a pipe dream given how we’ve basically elected a European PM and European leaders are largely globalist elitists with a few exceptions. Harper wasn’t perfect but his message on security and terrorism was clear, a contrast that has become stark by comparison to our current effete PM. Rest in peace Ms. Archibald.

  • Malcolm Y

    I’m sorry but I’ve had enough of these wonderful people who loved everybody, wouldn’t hurt a fly and wouldn’t be nasty enough to blame the animals that sliced and diced her. She would have no understanding of the killers – she’s a 30 year old child?

    We need more nasty killers on our side who will do what is necessary to defend civilization from these murderous mo cultists of death. They deserve no quarter from us and there are no innocent mo cultists. “Islam” delenda est.

  • A beautiful young woman with a good heart.

    But as far as donating to a homeless shelter in her memory, I would do my research first. A number of homeless shelters in Canada do not segregate ex-cons and people with criminal records from the rest of the residents — these places are hell-holes and they should either change their policy or be shut down. Because of the criminal presence these shelters resemble the environment in prison — with gang activity, drugs, violence, and an environment of paranoia.

    I speak from experience (homeless for 2 1/2 years). And it basically gets back to the same old problem: “good fences make good neighbours”. Mixing in criminals with regular homeless people, which often includes homeless women and children, is a recipe for disaster. I ended up leaving the homeless shelter and choose to camp out in the woods, or live on the streets, rather than continue living in that environment.

    So if you donate to a Canadian shelter, do your research first and make sure their policy recognizes that humans need “fences” — criminals must be segregated.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Woman. Unveiled. Un escorted by a male relative. In a bar. Drinking. Sounds like standard London Islam

  • mauser 98
  • Frances

    A little charity toward the dead would not come amiss from some of the commentators here. Quite apart from anything else, the woman completed a successful practicum at Alpha House, and that is not an easy place to work.