According to A Recent Poll, Canadians Are Inexcusably Canadian


Yahoo Canada partnered with Ipsos Public Affairs to explore how Canadians view their relationships with the world and each other. In today’s political climate, we wanted to see whether we are actually as welcoming, inclusive and progressive as we seem in comparison to countries such as the United States and England, seeking to tighten their borders and rethink multilateralism.

Throughout April, we surveyed Canadians to gauge sentiment on the national priorities, and core values that define us. We also wanted to know how the election of Donald Trump as president of the U.S. has affected Canadians’ impressions of leadership qualities and their own mobility.

Why are Canadians forever comparing themselves to the Americans? Are we not strong enough to say who we are and what we think? Do we compare ourselves to the Japanese or the Norwegians?

Overall, the data suggests Canadians are most concerned about maintaining our “social solidarity” by prioritizing a strong health care system for all and reducing poverty and the nation’s economic burdens.

Oy gevalt …

More startling, however, was evidence that the nationalistic sentiments that gained traction in the U.S. during last year’s presidential election may have migrated north. More than half of respondents appear worried that immigrants and refugees are causing an erosion of “Canadian values” and public safety.

That’s not to say Canadians oppose helping the less fortunate. Wide margins of Canadians support taxpayer-funded poverty alleviation programs. That more compassionate touch is displayed by Canadians’ preference for Justin Trudeau’s leadership style over that of Donald Trump. …

Why not private charities? Funnelling tax payer money into a reckless government isn’t indicative of great social empathy. It’s foisting a problem onto someone else by throwing cash at it. It displays a moral aloofness. Is this a Canadian value? One would have to explain those who do put time and effort into charities instead of relying on someone else to keep things out of mind and sight.

Trudeau’s leadership style is far less humane than that of Trump’s:

Trudeau says the PMO was making sure it could take political advantage of those families that were being accepted, something he calls “disgusting.”

He says a Liberal government would “absolutely not” prioritize religious and ethnic minorities.


Michelle Rempel needs to get angry more often.

The 36-year-old former Conservative cabinet minister, now the Official Opposition critic for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, was the driving force behind Tuesday’s 313-0 House of Commons vote requiring Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government to get its act together and open Canada’s doors to the persecuted Yazidi minority of Iraqi Kurdistan.


But unlike the thousands of refugees fleeing violence in Syria who were greeted by flashing cameras and intense public exposure, the Yazidis have been entering the country with no fanfare. That won’t change, say government officials who are protecting the identity of the asylum seekers because of just how vulnerable they are.

“Some of these women haven’t even told their own families about what they experienced” at the hands of their persecutors, associate deputy immigration minister Dawn Edlund told a news conference alongside Hussen.


Trudeau in full selfie mode with the Syrians he let in.


However, few issues have received as much public attention this year as immigration and refugees policies. Scenes of happy Syrian families arriving at Canadian airports have been replaced by more ominous stories of asylum seekers trying to navigate across the Canada-U.S. border in the freezing dead of night.

While almost no one questions the idea that Canada has become a nation of immigrants, if not recent arrivals the certainly first- and second-generation communities, poll data shows many now are wary of immigrants and refugees.

A slim majority of Canadians polled, 57 per cent and 55 per cent respectively, say refugees and new immigrants are a threat to Canadian values. A further 53 per cent of say refugees threatened Canada’s safety.

I wonder why they would say a thing like that?

Oh, yeah

If anything, this poll indicates how static Canadians are. So attached to their substandard public services run by an incompetent centralised government and willing to live in the shadow of the Americans, Canadians just can’t put their shoulders to the wheel and move this country along.


  • ontario john

    See, the Toronto Star is right. We are all racist bastards here in Canada.

  • Gary

    The vast majority of these polls are flawed.
    They use a list of wireless phone number and don’t actually call a household to get a valid sample for how a community feels. The days of buying a Block of phone numbers by a Postal Code are coming to an end because families have more than one phone while a home owner may have a work based Phone and more than one business number on top of the home number assigned to the service.
    They also don’t demand proof of citizenship which means that the Polls show how PEOPLE feel , not Canadians .
    If you listen to Justin’s puppet in the House she will keep saying that
    ” Canadians” want certain kinds of spending and a new way to Govern . But they won with 39% of the votes while 61% of those Canadians are told to shut-up and stop being a racist homophobe.

    Trump got just under 50% of the votes but beat Hillary on the 306 College Votes as did Bill Clinton to win but nobody complained back then that the system was broken.
    I had to laugh at the new posters going up in my area. The Liberals are pushing how the Election system is flawed where the minority of people that saw their Liberal lose the MP seat race should have their Votes count and be heard.
    This from an arrogant trust-fund moron with 39% of the votes and wants to rule like a King and spits on the 61% that he ignores.
    The adscam Millions that Liberals stole will look like lose Pennies compared to the fraud by Justin’s $60,000,000,000.00 Infrastructure spending where we know that 80% will go to Labour as his reward for their votes.
    Chretien and Martin told Justice Gomery that they were TOO stupid be be expected to know what goes on under them…. Hillary used that excuse over the email Treason where Comey confirmed she was too stupid to be guilty of Intent.

  • Canadian Born

    Canada is screwed unless Junior goes. I want a poll done of every household in Canada. I have never been polled and I sure would like the opportunity to have my voice heard. I guess I am dreaming.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      When I have been polled I hide my true feelings.

  • Alain

    All this rubbish is another attempt to convince us that the majority agrees with the official narrative and that if you disagree you are the odd person out; in other words a small insignificant minority. The same strategy was used to push the radical homosexual agenda (SSM), refugees (those claiming to be), and every other leftist objective. I remember it was used for the Charlottetown Accord, but then when an exception was made and we were given a referendum, it was rightly trashed. Never accept the claims of any of these polls.

    • Clausewitz

      “It was the summer of 1957, and the polling firm Gallup has then-federal opposition leader John Diefenbaker’s Conservatives trailing the governing Liberals — badly.

      Reporters told him the polls gave him no chance of winning the general election that was only days away.

      “I’ve always been fond of dogs, and they are the one animal that knows the proper treatment to give to poles.’” Diefenbaker replied, using a little word play to dismiss the validity of polls.

      This view was given credence on Election Day, when he and his party sailed to victory”.