Wynne’s minimum wage hike slams small business

After crippling businesses with unaffordable energy rates, this is just the latest move by Wynne to cripple Ontario’s entrepreneurs.

  • ontario john

    I don’t understand, the Toronto Star said she is wonderful today. They wouldn’t lie. And she got us that big rubber duck.

    • David Murrell

      Lot’s of Liberal cash going to the Star. Lot’s of Liberal cash going to a lot of people.

    • DMB

      Wynne reminds me of the Joker played by Jack NIckelson in the Batman movie in the scene were in he was on a parade float giving away free money and telling the people at the parade on “who do you trust; him he is giving away free money”. Just like Wynne who loves to boast about her parade (pride) and giving away free money, free tuition.

  • Ed

    ALL liberalism leads to poverty. Look at major US cities governed for decades by Democrats, on the verge of default. Look at Greece, at Venezuela, at any place run by Lefties.

  • David Murrell

    A strange thing happened this Sunday morning (June 4, 2017). I was skimming over the CBC News page, seeing how they were covering the latest Islamic war crime, and they had posted a “story” saying a decades-old study “showed” that a higher minimum wage does not increase unemployment. I was going to post a link here, showing the support CBC News has for the corrupt Wynne government.

    But now the CBC web site cut out that story, and substituted a more neutral story discussing the minimum wage issue.

    While on the topic of the corrupt news media, yesterday the Globe and Mail posted an “analysis” by pro-Liberal writer Adam Radwanski cheering Kathleen Wynne’s move to the left. The establishment media will be pulling all stops to support the Ontario Liberals.

    • ontario john

      The Canadian media is tightly controlled by the elites. Apparently there was a clash between anti muslim demonstrators and leftists in Calgary, but I had to go to Breitbart news in the states to find out about it. Very little mention of it in the Canadian media.

  • DMB

    Get ready for a huge increase in inflation between a large increase in the minimum wage from $11.65 hr to $14.00 hr in merely a few months to the liberals carbon taxes we will pay more everything. Put in the liberals deranged minds this is going “fight poverty”. Those who make five dollars or less above the minimum wage will be hurt the most since the value of their increase will decrease. Also those who work in the restaurant industry who make a large portion of their income of tips which is rarely if ever reported on taxes will see their tips vanish. Why tip someone who you know makes nearly the same income as you do!

    Wynne who took the recommendation for increasing the minimum wage from poverty pimps (anti poverty groups) and public sector unions without listening to the business sector is like a judge who only listened to the prosecutes arguments and not the defense attorneys. It is only a matter of time before the Liberals go full blown Communist and tax virtually all our income and forcefully redistribute it in the name of “income inequality”.


    • canminuteman

      Don’t forget that if the minimum wage goes up 30 percent the public sector will also want a 30% raise.

      If everyones wages go up 30 percent, but there are no new goods and services in the economy, the price of everything will go up 30 percent and we will be back to exactly where we started.

      • Chris

        All of the public service unions have clauses in their contracts that their wages will increase along with the minimum wage so that that gap remains constant. So, once again the puppets that keep the Libs in power in Ontario have nothing to worry about. I won’t even start with the inflation rated pensions.

  • lgeubank

    I don’t believe in minimum-wage laws at all. I don’t see what authority or justification the government has to issue such orders and decrees to businesses, and I don’t think applying brute force to the economy can increase prosperity in any way.

    • Clink9

      Even Sweden has no minimum wage.

      • lgeubank

        I didn’t know that.

  • Gary

    John Tory wants Toronto home owner to pay an annual FEE for the square foot area of their roof.
    He claims that when it rains the roof catches the water and it drains down to the street and taxes the sewers to that is costing more money for upkeep.

    Since Toronto is about 183 years old ( current city post 1834) , how stupid can the Councillor’s be at City Hall to NOT know that all the water supply systems and Sewer system are old as well while the City has seen the population of 1,000,000 in 1951 shoot up to over 6,000,000 in the 2014 STATS-CAN report.

    There is a 29 floor Apartment unit near me that was built around 1980 and is just North of Bloor because of the old Building Codes where a residential property Building could not exceed 13 floors. I had mocked that Zoning law and told people that when the time comes where the City over spends or needs money to buy votes….the Council will turn Toronto in to an American City with rental Buildings just as tall as the Hotels.
    Politicians love to spend money and be liked. Toronto is losing money on every Condo it allows to be built because it ignored the aged Infrastructure and has the massive Welfare Industrial Complex where more Public Sector employees are needed which costs about $40.00 an hour to hand out tax Money.

    Wynne’s liberals are now coaching sick people to kill them self to help reduce the heath Care costs which can go to the Syrian Migrants for housing and welfare.

    • Clausewitz

      We already have that tax in Mississauga. When it comes to taxing the middle class into oblivion, Toronto are a bunch of pikers compared to Bonnie Bonehead.

      • Gary

        What happens to the Homes were a large tree canopy extends over 25% of a roof to catch some of the rain that runs down the branches to the trunk. There’s an odd House near me where it was build on a narrow piece of land between 2 old home. It is a 3 storey unit and the roof is no more larger than a 2 car garage.

        The tax may start a Trend in Toronto to redefine what a roof is by a tapered 3rd floor with water resistant tiles and then a small Roof .

  • Minicapt

    Everytime you’ve decided she couldn’t do any thing more stupid, she pops up and says “Hold my beer …”.


  • Clausewitz

    Wages go up, tax brackets stay the same, everybody pays more taxes in the long run. It’s not like they planned this or anything. /sarc off