UK PM Theresa May gives statement on London terror attacks

UK Prime Minister Theresa May will make a statement on the London terror attacks following the government’s COBRA emergency meeting. Police increased the death toll in the attacks to seven.

Livestream here.

  • ontario john

    Of course she gave the standard “Nothing to do with Islam” bullshit. And I’m sure when the labour leader becomes PM, he will make all sorts of concessions to the muslim population in Britain, and break relations with Israel. And of course turn Britain into a socialist shit hole again. SHARIA LAW IS COMING TO BRITAIN!

    • Actually she mentioned “Islamic” and “Islamists” on numerous occasions. Didn’t seem to pull any punches.

      But what politicians like May don’t seem to understand is that this isn’t a “perversion of Islam”; it’s a return to Islam’s fundamental historical roots which are clearly rooted in violence and warfare. They also don’t seem to understand that for the vast majority of Muslims — irrespective of sect whether “mainstream” or otherwise — violence or the “use of force” has always been embraced to some degree for the propagation and enforcement of their rules of faith. The only difference today is they are attempting to enforce their faith on a global scale, and with a degree of violence never witnessed before (at least in my generation).

      But then nobody ever accused a Politician of reading a history book…

  • May seemed to “take the bull by the horns” in that speech — nothing politically correct (or at least giving that appearance).

    John Lennon is dead, and his song “Imagine” should have been buried with him — “Imagine” was not some sort of well-thought-out foreign policy template forged in the mind of a political genius. Lennon was probably stoned when he envisioned a world without national borders, but British politicians don’t seem to have gotten the memo.