Tucker Carlson: Kathy Griffin Is the ‘Perfect Embodiment of What the Modern Left Believes’

During the opening monologue of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson offered his thoughts on last week’s controversy involving Kathy Griffin holding up a severed bloodied mannequin head of President Donald Trump.

  • PaulW

    The author is right about the victimhood thing, of course: no matter what progressives and the Left do, it’s always someone else’s fault, and they are the victims, deserving of special treatment and favors (and admiration and respect as victims as well – a kind of “holiness”, as he suggested.) What a wonderful deal – smash someone with a bike lock and you’re the victim because they were making you unsafe; unleash animal screams mixed with the occasional foul-mouthed obscenity to shut up a speaker with whom you disagree, and you are the victim of their aggression and hatefulness. Do anything you like, essentially, without consequence, and when the world refuses to entirely bend to your will – such as when a bunch of morons and disgusting white males voted in Donald Trump – then have a continuous and childish temper tantrum and refuse to acknowledge reality for what it is. Right, Mrs Clinton?

    Of course, it occurs to me that there is a flip side to this apparently desirable way of looking at the world: if you are not responsible for anything, then that surely includes positive things as well. No wonder that progressives always seem so unhappy: they are incapable of taking satisfaction or pride in any of their accomplishments since, like their failures, they are not responsible for them – someone else is.

    • Clausewitz

      What accomplishments????