The Looming Threat: Homegrown Islamic Terrorism

The carnage carried out in London yesterday is not, unfortunately, the last of these types of terrorist attacks. In fact, the likelihood is we will see more of these kinds of attacks as time goes on.

  • Alain

    It isn’t ‘unfortunate’; it is treason by those in charge.

  • Shebel

    Sometimes Traitors are too much in love of their Self-Image . .

  • Shebel

    I wonder if it is Time for the Rebel— to do 3 or 4 episodes –
    On what it means to be a TRAITOR.
    Could be BETRAYING your Country, your Religion, your Culture or just Yourself.

  • No offense to the Scots, but why is there always some guy named “McDougal”, with flaming red hair and a beard, in the mix? They are a race of people who always seem to end up in the most bizarre places. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a Scotsman who commandeered Fidel Castro’s boat “Granma”, when the Communists made their first clandestine landing in Cuba. Actually I’m surprised that when the Americans landed on the moon they didn’t discover that a Scotsman was already living there as a permanent resident.

    p.s. and what the heck happened to Cat Stevens?

    • Shebel

      Well ,Cat , became a raging fucking Muslim. My family—-
      There is no trace trace of them— Maybe the fucking English hung us us all.
      What can I say ?

      • Alain

        Even changed his name to a Muslim one. Don’t recall which name nor do I care.

      • I started listening to Cat before anyone here heard of him (Scottish friends brought his recordings across the pond). Big disappointment the Muslim thing — he should have converted to Baha’i or Buddhism like the good hippies did.

  • Barrington Minge

    Time for – Revocation of passports. Internment of known muslim activists. Shoot to kill policy for police. Banning of Sharia. Banning of muslim veils. Any more for any more?