The Islamists don’t need to uproot Christianity in Europe

From Giulio Meotti at Gatestone:

Scene one: Manchester, United Kingdom, the “free world”. A British-born Muslim terrorist prays in a former church. All around him, the Christian sites and congregations accepted being turned into Islamic sites. The day after, this terrorist goes on a rampage, murdering 22 concert-goers.

Scene two: Minya, Egypt, the “unfree world”. An Islamist terror group stops a bus full of Christian pilgrims. The terrorists demand that their victims recite the Islamic creed, the shahaada. The Christians refuse to abandon Christianity and become Muslims. The Islamists murder them, one by one.

What do these scenes tell us? Christians resist Islam more in the Middle East than in Europe. More.

Reality check: The Islamists don’t need to uproot Christianity in Europe. It uprooted itself a long time ago, and the Muslims are only taking over the largely disused buildings.

It’s important to keep a sense of perspective here: Someone may as well inherit the buildings. Why not Muslims, when they—after all—have children and post-Christians have abortions?

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