Poseur Macron wrings handshake triumph out of Paris accord collapse

From Mollie Hemingway at Federalist,

You knew President Donald Trump’s trip abroad went well because the American media focused on hand-holding and handshakes instead of the dramatic changes in foreign policy toward American interests. Did Melania brush away her husband’s hand? Did you notice the power and strength of French President Emmanuel Macron’s handshake with Trump?

It was Macron’s handshake that enraptured the American media. They covered it from every angle, happy that someone on the global stage was standing up to Trump. The Washington Post, as of last count, has 41 articles mentioning “Macron” and “handshake,” dissecting it from every angle. More.

Reality check: If that’s all the French have got, who cares what they think? Isn’t it over already?

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