London Bridge Jihad: Muslim Wore Hoax Bomb Belt To Sidetrack Police, ‘This Is For Allah’

Latest reports, not mentioned in the article below as of yet, said that at least one of the Muslims had a 12-inch knife and began attacking and slicing at random people, and of course picked a young woman, while screaming “Allahu-Akhbar, this is for Allah”. At least one eye-witness claimed that he saw three people who had been either beheaded or in attempted beheading and were seen with their throats cut. The witnesses, all men, had been too shocked and upset to talk further about what they had witnessed.

  • Shebel

    We already knew that it was Allah.
    What other Religion is sick and demented enough to offer Eternal Life to cowards and perverts if they kill Women and Children ?
    Must be real Good to be a MUSLIM.

  • canminuteman

    The upside here is it means they probably don’t have any explosives. If they did they would have used them.