Column: “Keeping Faith With Tiananmen”


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In the 28 years since June 4, 1989, China’s ruling Communist Party has done everything in its power to obliterate inside China the memory of the Tiananmen uprising. As far as China’s government alludes to it at all, Tiananmen’s haunting cry for freedom is recast as a “disturbance,” caused by a rabble. The lone man who on June 4 stopped a column of tanks has become an inspiring symbol abroad, but in China he has literally disappeared.

  • Alain

    A reminder that this is the foreign government that our PM most admires; he stated it himself during the campaign. The lights, assuming there were any, should have gone on in the heads of voters. That they didn’t and still have not for so many is a sad reflection on how low Canada has become.

    • Maggat

      In that respect he, our PM, is his assumed fathers son.