Ariana Grande Manchester show: All the details of the benefit concert

Grande is headlining the One Love Manchester concert, which will take place at the Emirates Old Strafford venue, about 3.5 miles from Manchester Arena.

Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Pharrell Williams, Usher, Take That, Niall Horan, and other musicians will join Grande for the event, which will also be broadcast stateside on Freeform and ABC. Freeform, ABC and ABC News are all part of The Walt Disney Company.

The concert will air in its entirety on Freeform at 2 p.m. ET, and a one-hour version will be broadcast on ABC, following the 8 p.m. ET game 2 of the NBA Finals.

This isn’t our usual fare but it may be interesting to pay attention.

  • Alain

    The lives of the victims mean nothing to these disgusting people. I know I should not wish such things, but if ever an event deserved a good dose of jihad, it is this one.

    • mobuyus

      Let them repel the jihadis with their hashtags, selfies, and virtue signaling.

    • Meaningless gestures by virtue signalling morons.

  • bob e

    I don’t see why they don’t give a free concert to the Jihadis ..

    Everyone of these people giving performances hate Donald Trump
    and right leaning conservatives who are trying to save the west.
    Just ask them about immigration. Any of the topics that make
    us safe, they hate ..

    • Twenty bucks says that at least one of the performers will make an anti-Trump statement. Any takers?

      • Alain

        Only one?

  • northofnowhere

    Have a feeling this will be another “style over substance” affair.

    Hope they don’t really all get together and sing Kumbaya.

  • Dana Garcia

    The concert will be the ultimate in virtue signaling, with no mention of perps and their ideology.

  • simus1

    A vomit inducing cast of characters.

    • Felicia Scott

      Got that right!

  • Mack

    Hasn’t Manchester suffered enough?

  • Tooth&Claw

    The only good thing about this is that music is haram and therefore this is a finger in the eye of the jihadists.

  • ontario john

    Strange, I don’t see any muslims in the crowd. I thought this was about bringing everyone together in Manchester. So sad for the nothing to do with islam concert.

    • Felicia Scott

      There weren’t an islamics killed at the last concert, that tell you anything?

  • Exile1981

    So many virtual SJW wannabes in one place.

  • Felicia Scott

    The islamics are laughing their asses off, they know they don’t have to go after British kids, the Brit parents will offer their kids up like lambs to the slaughter. Whether it’s to bombs, knives, trucks or rape gangs, Britain is a prime feeding ground for islamic butchers, cannibals and pedophiles.

  • Raymond Cameron

    Emirates Old Trafford: Strange that they chose this hall for the concert.
    What is the state religion of the UAE?
    What was the religion of the bomber?

  • I tried watching the concert on Freeform. But you may as well go out and get all your Christmas shopping done first while you’re waiting for the page to load. More than 125 (one hundred twenty-five) advertisers, metadata collectors, and tracking servers on the ABC/Disney site!

    Talk about “greedy capitalism” — ABC takes the cake. The average site has about 40 ad/tracking/metadata server connections. Some of the big corporate sponsored sites can have as many as 60. But 125 servers for data collection is way off the scale. The MSM is f**king up the Internet and bloating it to the degree that the services they offer in exchange aren’t worth it anymore. Costs too much bandwidth, which you are paying for — not only monetarily but in terms of patience while you wait for the page to load. Unless you enjoy doing Christmas shopping in June.

  • David Murrell

    I channel surfed onto the concert, accidently, as the thing got started. First, the talent seemed mediocre, withe most singing off key. And second, the teen girls absolutely worshiped these off-key acts. This got me to thinking that the two competing religions are not Judeo-Christianity vs. Islam. The fight is between rock music vs. Islam. And since the rockers do not fight (only appease), and since it is the Islamists who attack, it isn’t much of a fight.

  • Hard Little Machine



    • And we all know that Islamic terrorists just love “the Emirates”, so they would never stage an attack there. Not.

      People seem to forget that Al Quaeda and Bin Ladin’s original beef wasn’t with the West, it was with the House of Saud and the various Monarchies on the Arabian peninsula. But the Sauds had the good sense to kick out Bin Ladin and the crew early in the game, and they even stripped him of his citizenship. After which he decided to turn his wrath on the West. Islamic terrorism in the West is actually a byproduct of the social unrest that originated among Muslim citizens against their own Governments — Muslims against Muslims. We were just innocent “bystanders” as it were. Now we’re the targets.