Anti-Trump comedians’ really bad, no-good moment

From Callum Borchers at the Washington Post:

A racial slur. A homophobic joke. A mock beheading.

Anti-Trump comedians are having a moment — and not the good kind. More.

Reality check:  They are getting what they deserve. The one thing we can be sure of is that they mean all the harm they would do.

But note two things: The cringeworthy “apologies” and, much more important, the fact that they are not funny any more. In the progressive atmosphere they helped create, they dare not be.

Nemesis lives!

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  • Uncommunist

    ‘Anti-Trump comedians are having a moment — and not the good kind.’ … perhaps because they’re people of low charcter, i.e. bad people.

  • David Murrell

    One positive suggestion I am going to to. I am going to ask Rogers cable to delete my subscription to the Comedy Network (a channel we never watch), and will type out a snailmail letter to the head of the channel why I am doing so.

  • mobuyus

    There is no homour in islam nor none to be found in leftism.

  • Millie_Woods

    ‘not funny anymore’

    Are you kidding? I watched Griffen’s statement to the press. It was hilarious. “He broke me. He broke me”.

    Comedy gold!

    • Justin St.Denis

      I haven’t laughed that hard since that famous Salvador Dali/Alice Cooper press conference way, way back when.

  • Even when Bill Maher puts on his most evil threatening face, he still looks like a pussy nerd. He couldn’t even scare a six-year-old. “Mummy, who’s the funny clown on TV — why does he look like my little pet salamander when he gets angry?”

  • Clausewitz

    Modern day comedy is totally devoid of any edge or courage. Personally I just enjoy Dennis Miller reruns.