So Oppressed By The Trump Fascist Regime They Stopped For Lunch On Stone Street

This is Stone Street in the financial district of Manhattan, it’s a favourite lunch spot for K and I. Stone is a short street lined with restaurants and closed to traffic to make it a big patio.

Adrienne’s is a lovely little place that makes great pizza. K and I had just settled in when two young ladies strolled by. They looked the right age for university and were well dressed, just the sort you’d expect to encounter on Stone Street except they carried a sign that read; Say No To The Fascist Trump Pence Regime!

I sat in numbed wonder at the horror that is contemporary America. An America where young women are forced to take lunch in a nice part of town from a choice of restaurants offering excellent fare at reasonable prices by an oppressive regime. George Washington must be spinning in his grave at today’s fascist AmeriKKKa! K and I finished our meal and walked towards Broadway. There had been an anti-trump demo nearby as we encountered the resultant litter.

There was only one antidote to this sad story and it involved Ice-Cream! (We had the Cherry)

Followed by the purchase of Trump Swag!
And to top it all off participation in a Pro-Trump Rally on 5th Avenue! America! What a country!