Seizing of Philippines city by Islamist militants a wake-up call for Southeast Asia

At the beginning of the battle that has raged for the past 12 days in Marawi City at the southern end of the Philippines, dozens of Islamist militants stormed its prison, overwhelming the guards.

“They said ‘surrender the Christians’,” said Faridah P. Ali, an assistant director of the regional prison authority. “We only had one Christian staff member so we put him with the inmates so he wouldn’t be noticed,” he said.


  • Hard Little Machine

    Has the NYT blamed the Jews yet?

    • Norman_In_New_York

      They could, because according to the Jerusalem Post, President Duterte has approached Israel about purchasing advanced weapons and Israel is likely to respond favorably.

  • Gary

    Note the silence by Justin’s Muslim MP’s. They clapped when Justin spoke in the House to affirm that he wouldn’t rescue the yazidi girls being raped by their muslim brothers in ISIS.
    During the PRIDE parade last year I did some digging and found out that only around 50% of the Muslim MP’s marched with Justin….. the rest were devout Homophobic jew-hating muslims .
    Omar Alghabra is the worse as a saudi Sunni that supports the Whahabism Sunni Mosque in Canada .

    But don’t forget…Justin is a feminist and supports the LGBTQ2WT community.