Relatives of a Dead Ghanaian Woman Puzzled By Her Death

Alright – if one were going to visit a relative, wouldn’t one take a usual mode of transportation?

It wasn’t until last week, when Otuteye’s daughter in Toronto, Peace Lani, called around in a panic asking if anyone had heard from her mother, that the cloak of secrecy was lifted: Otuteye had set off for Canada to reunite with her daughter, who had just given birth to a baby girl — likely with the intention of staying there.

That panic turned to grief on May 26, when Otuteye’s body was found in a rural drainage ditch near Noyes, Minn., less than a kilometre from the Manitoba border. Sheriff’s officials said the cause of death appeared to be hypothermia.

Now, compounding the grief are new questions. According to friends and people who have talked to the family, Otuteye, 57, was found with only $15 on her and the two cell phones she owned were missing. They can’t help but wonder: who else was with her on the journey?