Post-modernism: Smug science prof, you are next

From Bret Weinstein, a biology prof at Evergreen, Ground Zero for the academic establishment’s war on reality:

The Campus Mob Came for Me-and You, Professor, Could Be Next

I was not expecting to hold my biology class in a public park last week. But then the chief of our college police department told me she could not protect me on campus.

Thereafter, WSJ paywall.  The story started with a demand by a student faction (almost certainly backed by progressive profs) that all “white” people leave the campus for a day. The biology prof objected. Tellingly, he writes,

Rather, the protests resulted from a tension that has existed throughout the entire American academy for decades: The button-down empirical and deductive fields, including all the hard sciences, have lived side by side with “critical theory,” postmodernism and its perception-based relatives. Since the creation in 1960s and ’70s of novel, justice-oriented fields, these incompatible worldviews have repelled one another. The faculty from these opposing perspectives, like blue and red voters, rarely mix in any context where reality might have to be discussed. For decades, the uneasy separation held, with the factions enduring an unhappy marriage for the good of the (college) kids.

Things began to change at Evergreen in 2015, when the school hired a new president, George Bridges. His vision as an administrator involved reducing professorial autonomy, increasing the size of his administration, and breaking apart Evergreen’s full-time programs. But the faculty, which plays a central role in the college’s governance, would never have agreed to these changes. So Mr. Bridges tampered with the delicate balance between the sciences and humanities by, in effect, arming the postmoderns. More.

So to speak. The sciences are already under attack from post-modernism. Consider this gem: Keep marchin’ marchin’: Newtonian physics is oppressive

Reality check: There is either post-modernism or science. No middle ground.

See also: Transgender kiddies in Alberta check: Never mind that, scientifically, child transgenderism is utterly without foundation. If it can be enforced, that’s science to you!